Corporate Social Responsibility

Íslandsbanki is one of Iceland's leading companies. As a large workplace with a very broad client base, the bank has made it a priority to maintain a good relationship with its immediate environment and customers. Íslandsbanki endeavours to bring a progressive, professional and positive approach to all its activities and believes that if it can be guided by those values, it can build a responsible, open and reliable bank that plays a proactive role in the enhancement of the community and environment in which it operates.

Open, Respectful, Responsible Banking

Íslandsbanki wants to invest in the future and to work towards ensuring that the world is preserved as best as possible for the generations to come. This is why Íslandsbanki has chosen to adhere to the United Nation’s principles for corporate social responsibility. Íslandsbanki is proud to be a member of the UN Global Compact strategic policy initiative, an agreement which sets the parameters within which Íslandsbanki works and encourages it to do better.

UN Global Compact

Íslandsbanki's Corporate Social Responsibility policy provides the basis for the bank's initiatives in social issues. It shapes the bank's relationships with its stakeholders: clients, employees, local communities and the environment, and ensures that the interests of these parties always remain the bank's top priority. The policy covers four key areas: business, human capital, community and environment.

Last updated on 26 april 2013