Íslandsbanki endeavours to serve its customers through the efficient provision of information, increased transparency, and non-discrimination against its customers and clear regulations.

One of the principal objectives of Íslandsbanki is to ensure its customers' satisfaction and trust in the bank. The bank wants to make sure that all its customers get to sit at the same table, whatever their size, and that they benefit from equal access to all the information they might need about the bank and its activities.

Íslandsbanki places an emphasis on increasing financial literacy in Iceland. This is something the bank has been working on by, among other things, inviting the public to participate in courses on financial literacy offered in collaboration with Reykjavík University; over 750 people have already taken advantage of this opportunity. The bank continues to work on improving the transparency of its operations and enhancing the provision of information.

Íslandsbanki endeavours to provide precise and accurate information on the solutions it has to offer. This applies both to individuals with domestic and foreign mortgages and car loans and companies that do business with the bank. In order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, clear working procedures have been established for the administration of companies owned by the bank, based on the arm's length principle. The establishment of the Midengi Property Management Company is part of this effort.

In 2009, Íslandsbanki reviewed a large part of its internal regulations and codes of conduct.

Last updated on November 16 2010