Íslandsbanki strives to work in harmony with the communities in which it operates, by supporting various social, artistic, cultural, and sporting projects as well as innovation and entrepreneurship.

Íslandsbanki is committed to having a positive impact on the Icelandic community. It not only does this through grants for sporting, artistic, cultural and charitable activities, but also through the active participation of its staff in worthy causes and projects.

Íslandsbanki is also keen to stimulate the creation of dynamic economic activity and supports entrepreneurial companies in a variety of ways. Examples of this include the establishment of Kvosin, an innovation centre for entrepreneurs which was established in co-operation with Innovation Centre Iceland, a collaboration with the start-up company Meniga ehf., and the marketing niche strategies of the bank, which are focused on servicing companies in renewable energy and sustainable fisheries. Through this strategy, the bank supports the build up of know-how in Iceland, contributes to the development of this knowledge and reinforces the infrastructure of the Icelandic economy.

Last updated on November 16 2010