Human Capital

Íslandsbanki offers its employees good working conditions and enticing opportunities in a variety of ways.The objective of Íslandsbanki is to recruit, strengthen and retain skilled and reliable staff.

Íslandsbanki endeavours to create a secure working environment which places an emphasis on non-discrimination, clear vision, transparent working methods and the active participation of its employees in, among other things, the strategy building process of the bank. Thanks to its clear vision, equal opportunities and good working ethos, Íslandsbanki attracts highly qualified employees who are eager to participate in the development of an outstanding financial services company. The bank’s emphasis on human capital has been rewarded by high levels of job satisfaction: in 2009, 77% of the bank’s employees said they were proud to be working for Íslandsbanki and 94% stated the bank has a good working atmosphere.

For many years, Íslandsbanki has supported measures to improve the quality of life of its employees and it will continue to do so. The bank holds the interests and wellbeing of its employees close to heart and provides, among other things, medical and counselling services, healthy and nourishing food, sports grants, continued education and access to many union holiday homes around the country for a modest fee.

Íslandsbanki constantly strives to improve the work practice and framework that its employees follow in their daily work. Through clear objectives, work regulations and codes of conduct, the bank improves the efficiency of its employees and enhances the transparency of its activities. This process is informed by the bank’s human resources policy, code of ethics and non-discrimination policy.

Last updated on November 16 2010