Íslandsbanki knows that banking is essentially a people business. Engaged and enthusiastic employees are therefore a key factor in securing Íslandsbanki's competitive edge.

The bank wants to attract highly qualified, ambitious employees with diverse backgrounds, eager to participate in the development of an outstanding financial services company. The bank focuses on employee development through quality training programmes and knowledge sharing.

Íslandsbanki supports a performance-driven culture which acknowledges and celebrates achievement as a motivation to do more. In return, the bank holds the interests and well being of its employees close to heart. At Íslandsbanki respect is shown for employees' families and the bank promotes a healthy work- life balance.

All of the above is informed by the bank's human resources strategy, code of ethics and non- discrimination policy. Thanks to its clear policies and their effective implementation, the bank has managed to create a diverse and inclusive workplace with strong teamwork, growing human capital and a high level of job satisfaction.

Last updated on 6 April 2017