Human Resources Strategy

The Bank aspires to have a group of ambitious employees with differing backgrounds and experience. In this way the Bank will be better prepared to meet the various needs of its customers and provide outstanding service.

No less important is the satisfaction and wellbeing of our employees, and our human resource strategy is built on open, candid, and constructive communications founded on mutual respect.

The Bank stresses non-discrimination and impartiality in all human resources matters and tries to ensure equal opportunities through its non-discrimination policy.

Attracting the right people

We work in a result driven environment and seek to recruit skilled and ambitious individuals with broad backgrounds in relevant jobs. The recruitment process is professional and based on non- discrimination and impartiality. The values of the Bank and composition of its divisions are the guiding principles on which the selection of recruits is based. We put value in efficient and professional welcoming of new recruits.

Healthy workplace

The right balance between work and family is essential to the wellbeing of our employees. Consideration is given to the family circumstances of employees and flexible working hours are applied where appropriate. We encourage our employees to take part in making an environment that promotes health and well-being by promoting Energy management and mindfulness. Employees are well informed about the activities of the Bank and their opinions are assessed on a regular basis.

Opportunities to develop

Well trained employees get better results and have more job satisfaction. By investing in employees' know-how through a broad range of training activities and the systematic identification of requirements we get well-trained staff who steadily increase their knowledge and disseminate it to their colleagues. We emphasis efficient training of new recruits to enable them to swiftly integrate into their jobs and adapt. Education and training is a joint function of management and staff and employees are given the opportunity to tackle new projects, take on greater responsibilities in their work and to move between jobs, when possible. Regular and constructive feedback on performance gives employees the opportunity to further develop their strengths.

Building great teams and morale

We belief that open, candid and constructive communication founded on mutual respect is the backbone of performance-driven culture which celebrates achievement and promotes employee initiative. Employees take an active part in the development of the Bank and are encourage to “live the values”. Employees who strive to strengthen teamwork and support each other in order to create a stimulating and fun working environment are considered great value to the bank. 

Focus on equality

We put great emphasis on equal opportunities and strive to avoid gender based discrimination. We have an active equal opportunities policy that is reviewed every year. Íslandsbanki has equal pay policy and work accordance with it. One of our guiding principles for recruitment and selection for committees, councils and boards is equality and neutrality. All employees have the same opportunities for education and job development and any kind of harassment or bullying is not tolerated. Íslandsbanki is a family friendly workplace where work-life balance is important.

We have an equal pay policy and work in accordance with it.



Last updated on 6 April 2017