Fridrik Sophusson, Chairman of the Board

Chairman’s statement

Íslandsbanki is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. A comprehensive range of policies and systems are in place to ensure that the Bank is managed in an orderly manner, with effective oversight and control.


Birna Einarsdóttir, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive’s review

We are making great strides towards building the Bank we have been aspiring to. It was therefore immensely satisfying when it was announced that Íslandsbanki was the highest-ranking bank in the Icelandic Customer Satisfaction Index for the third year running.


2015 Highlights

Of the Banks net profit, ISK 16.2bn is profit from regular operations

Net fee and commission income increased by 14.7% in 2015, or 29% of net operating income

ROE from regular operations was 13.2% (based on 14% CET1) in 2015

Íslandsbanki continues to operate the most efficient branch network in Iceland after merging two branches in 2015

More than 2,200 new mortgages were granted in 2015

Íslandsbanki has been ranked the #1 bank in the Icelandic Customer Satisfaction Survey for three years running

Íslandsbanki’s Annual Report 2015, together with the Consolidated Financial Statements and Pillar 3 Report, provide an extensive overview of the Bank‘s operations and business activities over the year. 

The reports are available in a PDF format.

Annual Report Financial Statements Pillar 3 Report

In addition, all investor material, including the press release, fact sheet, fact book and video, is available on the IR website under financials.