Íslandsbanki: The 2015 Annual Report and Pillar 3 Report

Today, Íslandsbanki published its 2015 Annual Report and Pillar 3 Report, providing a comprehensive overview of the Bank’s strategic direction, operations and risk management.

The Annual Report highlights how Bank’s strategic themes support its vision to be #1 for service and build its relationship banking model. Our relationship banking model drives how we build relationships with our customers, simplify our product offerings, and unify our objectives with society at large – or, as we like to put it – how we multiply, simplify and unify.

Overview page for the Annual Report.

The Bank’s Pillar 3 Report provides information to market participants and other stakeholders that facilitate a better understanding of the Bank’s risk profile and capital adequacy.

Please find both the Annual Report and Pillar 3 Report attached. All financial information is available and archived on


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