New covered bond issue

19.10.2012 - IR Releases
Íslandsbanki has issued a new covered bond. The issue is a 3-year non-indexed issue, ISLA CB 15, for an amount of ISK 1,240,000,000 at a real yield of 6.5%. The bonds pay 6.4% semi-annual interest.   

Sold to a broad group of institutional investors, total appetite amounted to ISK 1,930,000,000, but 64% of offers were accepted, for the amount of ISK 1,240,000,000. 

Trading is expected to commence on 25 October 2012 on Nasdaq OMX Iceland. Market making for all of Íslandsbanki's covered bond issuances is in the hands of MP banki.

The bonds are issued under Act 11/ 2008 on Covered Bonds which obliges the issuer to fulfil strict requirements, whereby the underlying cover pool must withstand a weekly stress test with regards to interest rates and exchange rates. The issue is regulated by the Icelandic Financial Supervisory Authority which additionally appoints an independent inspector to monitor the issue. Special cover pool reports on the covered bond issuances are published quarterly and can be found on Íslandsbanki's web.