Debt Relief Programmes


Specific Solutions

Specific solutions are used for serious payment problems when the customer has been given a credit rating.


Standard Solutions

  • Reducing household expenses
  • Loan modification

Car Loans

For information regarding car loans please contact our advisors directly by telephone +354 440 4400 or email,


Flexloans - FX Denominated Mortgages

One option is an even repayment schedule, which reduces your payments and allows you to pay off the loan in equal instalments. Another option is to suspend (push back) principal payments for 6 months while continuing to pay interest, or suspend principal and interest payments for 3 months.


Flexloans - CPI Linked Mortgages

One option is to suspend principal payments on inflation-indexed mortgages for 6 months while continuing to pay interest. Another option is an even repayment schedule for indexed mortgages and other indexed loans secured by a real estate.