Online Banking

Íslandsbanki's online bank provides a range of services. In the comfort of your own home or place of business, you can do transactions, pay your bills and administer your stock portfolio.

  • List unpaid bills and plan their payment
  • Subscribe to SMS and email alerts
  • Get up-to-date statements
  • Buy credit for your mobile phone
  • Make international transactions

This service is free and available in three languages: Icelandic, English and Polish.

Sign up at your nearest Íslandsbanki branch.

Requested Alteration of Maximum Withdrawal Amount

Online security

All online communications in Íslandsbanki's online bank are encrypted. In addition, there is a limit on online transactions.

Encryption - Verisign

Íslandsbanki goes to great lengths to ensure the security of transactions through the online bank. All data communication is encrypted with 128 bit encryption from Verisign. 128 bit encryption is the best one available.

A security alert is displayed when going from the homepage of Íslandsbanki to the online bank. It indicates that you are entering a secure zone.

This message will not be displayed again if you check the box where it says "In the future, do not show this warning".

Security - HTTP/HTTPS

When entering a secure zone the "http" in front of the web-path changes to "https". This is to indicate that all communication is now encrypted.

Security - "the lock"

A closed padlock is displayed at the bottom right corner of the browser when browsing a secure site. This can be used to verify that the site is secure.

Sign in/sign out

After signing in the "Sign in" button is always visible in the top right corner.

After using the online bank click "Sign out" and you will be automatically transferred to the homepage of Íslandsbanki. After using the online bank you should close all open browser windows.

Your password

Your password equals written signature in the online bank. For that reason it is important to keep the password from outsiders. The password stops other people from logging on to your account. You are responsible for all transactions made through your account. If there is any doubt that outsiders might know your password you should change it immediately. The password can be changed by going to Settings > Password in the online bank.

Also, your password should be renewed on a regular basis for security reasons. The password should be at least eight letters and include at least two numbers. Symbols and Icelandic letters are not allowed.

Lost password

If the password is lost you can get a new one in your nearest Íslandsbanki branch. You should change the password the first time you log on to the online bank. Please note that a password is never given through e-mail or phone.

Browser compatibility

Íslandsbanki's online bank is compatible with the newest versions of all major browsers. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to the most recent version to minimize possible security hazards.